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Anita Flego is a Transformational Health Coach and Lifestyle Entrepreneur who has worked across the health and natural therapies industry for over 20 years on the beautiful Gold Coast. Anita is also a proud mother and a passionate and positive human being with a zest for life, travel and food.


Welcome to my tribe

My positivity, my love for nature and my love of life I belief comes from my early childhood days where I grew up in Bern, Switzerland. I carry many beautiful memories, like the one I remember where I’m sitting on a cherry tree in the hot summer sun on my grandma’s Swiss cherry orchid, my collection basket half empty and black stains all over my face and shirt.

It is these moments of pure bliss, being in nature amongst the animals and the harvesting of food that drives my passion today for natural medicine, clean eating and happy, healthy minds. 

I strongly believe that living your best life and being the best version of yourself stems from your relationship with food, the fuel of life.

“If we can create a good relationship with food that’s when we harvest better health. Being healthy shouldn’t be difficult or boring, it needs to be balanced, clean and tailored to each individual, we are all so uniquely beautiful.” 

My experience stems from my learning’s with my mentor, Dr Thomas Bige. For over 15 years I worked alongside Dr T running the renowned Health Coach Centre in Burleigh.

However my passion for natural healing and healthy lifestyle ignited long before when I became a mother. I have used homeopathy, aromatherapy, herbs and body wraps with rewarding results when treating a common cold, a toothache, a tummy ache or a fever.

I have never stoped learning and adding on to my knowledge ever and today I’m successfully helping people claiming back the right to hold their health in their own trusted hands achieving and maintaining good health and good shape the natural way.

“Today I’m grateful beyond words for everything I have learned and I’m ready to share it with everyone that is ready to listen”.

Over the years, I have developed a drive to help people implementing lifestyle changes so that they can transform into a new desired body image and feel a new zest for life.

I have done it successfully for myself, I recall very well my own experience with always trying to be, look and feel good and striving for more happiness.

I was trying to be a good mother, a successful business owner and coach, a loving sister, wife, and a daughter, and like many women I struggled with feeling that I was not good enough the way I was. Instead I was continually trying to reach the bar I believed was set for me, always just out of reach.

I decided to practice what I preach, and I found a balanced, natural and healthy way to get my hormones, my weight and my happiness back on track. 

Since then, I have lost 12 kg and locked it in for good. I feel like superwoman, on top of the world, unstoppable and able to achieve anything I set my mind to.

The new ME made me feel beautiful, empowered and confident with an amazing sense of self-belief. It led me to my goal for this year; to help 100 people doing the same then what I have achieved for myself. 

“Have you tried weight loss programs in the past and they didn’t work? Trust me it’s not your fault? I have designed a new program and I’m ready to share it with you. The 12-week RESET”


Best of Health

Anita Flego