ONDAMED is a safe, painless, non-invasive TGA approved device that helps us address the root cause of imbalances in the body using PEMF technology......

....allowing us to find dysfunctional tissue, such as inflammation, infection, scarring, or trauma residing in the cellular memory, ONDAMED unlocks the door to discovering the nature of your symptoms and disease processes.

Instead of focusing on your symptoms and then labelling them diagnostically, we can instead apply treatment to the language of the cells: Electromagnetism and Frequencies.

In other words, ONDAMED allows us to find the first domino in the series and give it a push so that the rest of the dominos fall into place.

ONDAMED is truly Personalized Energy Medicine



ONDAMED technology creates a painless, pulse electromagnetic field and, using signals received from the autonomic nervous system via the pulse, is able to determine the frequency needed to re-establish homeostasis in the body.

This highly concentrated and focused electromagnetic field is able to penetrate deep into the desired area of the body to painlessly assist in healing. This process helps to “jump-start” cellular repair and regeneration by bolstering your body’s own energy production.

Basically, the ONDAMED alerts your body to focus on what is most important for you at that exact moment in time by adding energy to the body.

I have been trained by the co-founder of ONDAMED, Silvia Binder in Germany and I have used Ondamed to treat clients successfully since October 2016. The results I have achieved for myself and for clients are driving my passion for this amazing tool to bring healing to those in need. 


Anita Flego at the Live Young Clinic is one of Australia's very few trained ONDAMED practitioners. Trained in Germany by Dr. Silvia Binder.   



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Energy medicine is based on the fundamentals that everyone's thoughts, emotions, beliefs and attitudes are made of energy. Therefore, if we are all infused with the right frequency (energy) in the right organ/body system we can channel or use its power for healing and have better physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health - Dr Silvia Binder