Full Body Health Scan


VedaPulse HRV-Scan 

To assist you to find out more about who you are from a health point of view I’m using Veda Pulse, HRV technology (heart rate variability) and principles of traditional pulse analysis. With one device, evaluate health condition and form instant personalized recommendations based on approaches of holistic medicine and to assess the level of metabolic stress.


What is the VedaPulse Full Body Health Scan?

VedaPulse serves as a monitoring and evaluation tool rooted in heart rate variability and pulse diagnosis. By merging contemporary scientific knowledge with the wisdom of traditional medicine, it examines the body’s functionality through pulse analysis and formulates customised rehabilitation programs based on the findings.

This tool is invaluable for holistic practitioners, enabling them to gain deeper insights into their patients and to gain an understanding of how their patients are responding to their treatment.


What does the VedaPulse Full Body Health Scan do?

The VedaPulse Full Body Health Scan provides a comprehensive overview of the overall health index of a person, along with their stress and adaptation levels, any anti-aging factors, deficiencies, as well as the balance of meridians and energy within the chakras. It provides the following details of each client:

  • Heart rate variables: The scan provides the analysis of HRV indicators, which is the measure of the variation in the time between each heartbeat.
  • Constitution: It identifies the constitution type of each patient as per Ayurveda and modern physiology.
  • Organ pulses: It evaluates the functional and morphological status of organs and systems, generating automated reports on pathological syndromes based on principles from both traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda.
  • Functional diagnosis: The scan provides an in-depth analysis of the root cause of a disease by examining the functionality of regulation systems, the condition of tissues, and the balance of the primary elements.
  • Bioenergy: It shows the condition of the chakras and assesses the restorative potential in the body.
  • Lifestyle: The scan builds a personalised lifestyle correction program based on the constitution of the client.
  • Herbal: It creates a personalised herbal composition for the client using mathematical algorithms programmed to select plants based on their medicinal properties.
  • Diet: The scan provides a detailed balanced diet recommendation for each person, based on their constitution.


















How does the VedaPulse Full Body Health Scan work?

  1. The electrical and mechanical occurrences that happen in the heart then form the external characteristics of the pulse waves which are shown on the chart.
  2. The VedaPulse Full Body Health Scan then evaluates the heart rate variability using mathematical methods.
  3. Through this analysis, it determines the functioning of particular organs and systems, as well as the patient’s health state in general.


I highly recommend to do the Hair Follicle Scan at the same time as it will complet the picture of your current state of health. 

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Using the VedaPulse Full Body Health Scan we can tell you not only what’s happening on the outside, but also on the inside. Through this, we can design a personal health maintenance program that will help you age younger and healthier.

"My journey working in the health industry for the last two decades has been eye-opening. It completely changed the frame that I put around ageing. I was able to witness clients of all ages turn back the clock, gain back youth and good health giving them back the lust for life.”