Health Coaching

 Health Coaching

My journey over the last two decades working in the health industry has been eye opening

Modern medicine is doing wonders in helping us, whether it’s with technology that allows us to peer deep into the body, or medicines that extend the lives of those with chronic diseases. Mainstream Western medicine excels in acute care, emergency interventions, and managing complex diseases through evidence-based practices, advanced technologies, and rigorous scientific research. It offers precise diagnostics, effective treatments, and surgical interventions that can be life-saving.

It's essential to explore holistic approaches alongside conventional medicine for comprehensive well-being and personalized care. Our current medical system has no real answers when it comes to preventing chronic degenerative inflammatory diseases, most people just assume, they are a normal part of aging. This is not true!

I belief it is our responsibility to learn about our body and what is healthy and unhealthy, that's where I can help you.

In a health coaching session I educate my patient on building a relationship with their body, learning and implement a maintenance system person specific tailored so that they have the best possible guidence into aeging young and healthy. 

Preventing ill health involves a comprehensive approach that goes beyond just understanding our bodies and what is healthy.

Here are some key components:

Nutrition: Understanding proper nutrition is essential. This includes knowing what foods provide necessary nutrients for your body type, maintaining a balanced diet, and being mindful of portion sizes and your eatiing habits, are you watching TV or reading while you eat your meal etc, it includes measuring what you body is missing in terms of essential vitamins, aminos and antioxidants.

Stress Management: Chronic stress can negatively impact both physical and mental health. Learning effective stress management techniques such as mindfulness, meditation, deep breathing exercises, or engaging in hobbies can help mitigate its effects.

I offer ONDAMED a class II medical biofeedback device that is measuring and treating the persons energy in all parts of the body. Energy medicine is both the diagnostic and therapeutic use of energy whether produced by or detected by a medical device or by the human body itself. ONDAMED is treating with specific and not generic frequencies delivered to the cells in your body that need it for healing. One area where ONDAMED can treat is chronic or acute stress.

I completely changed the frame that I put around ageing

I was able to witness clients of all ages turn back the clock, return to be more youthful, have better health and gain back the lust for life.

To truly understand the status of your health and how you’re ageing you need to look inside your body to see where your health is optimised and where it’s not optimal. 

In this Health Coaching Session I will guide you towards your desired health goal via a zoom consultation or an in-person session at my home clinic.

Areas you might need help with:

Improve body image

Dietary adjustments

Pregnancy Preparation

Natural Body Detoxification

Ageing younger and healthier

Sleeping better

Stress management

More vitality

Recovery after illness

Guided water fasting

Improve lifestyle

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