Be your best version, naturally

Let us help you look & feel your absolute best by finding your unique optimum state with our custom products & programs. 

Live younger, live healthier

It is my mission to guide people to living healthier and happier lives. I want to empower you to reach your highest potential. By unfolding your picture of health, together we can prevent poor health and live an optimum life.

I use simple, enjoyable and proven lifestyle changes and a signature scanning procedure,
to give you your personal dashboard of health, knowing how you’re doing inside
will help me design your personal health maintenance program that will support you to age younger and healthier.  

If you endeavour to change the way you look and feel I invite you to go on an exciting journey with me as your health coach.

"My journey working in the health industry for the last two decades has been eye opening. I completely changed the frame that I put around ageing. I was able to witness clients of all ages turn back the clock, gain back youth and good health giving them back the lust for life."


Why My Clients say

Anita has been my health coach for over 8 years now! As a busy business owners and mum of 2, Anita helps me to stay healthy and live my best life!

She has been my go to person throughout the different stages in my life and I always turn to Anita for support when my body needs it. Anita was also able to help me have two amazing pregnancies and natural births thanks to her guidance around what I could and could not take while pregnant.

I do the full body scan and detox every 4 months to check in with what my body needs to perform at it's best.

Thank you for all that you do Anita!

Lisa Bourke

I’ve got a big interest in living life well and actively seek out modalities that support my system performing the best way possible. Anita supports me in this, by using the Ondamed Therapy to ‘read’ my body, and accurately identify areas in my body that aren’t functioning optimum, and therefor need to be tuned back into the right frequency to support my bodies natural healing abilities.

This system is one that diagnoses and gives a treatment both as one. Effectively identifying and improving my health. Ondamed is my go-to practice off checking in on myself. I rely on this to keep me on track, and give me a deeper understanding into my own health picture, which I experience as extremely empowering. Anita, thank you. You are an amazing healer and practitioner and I feel safe in your capable hands.

Juud Belongil 

I received a diagnosis of an autoimmune condition. Thankfully, I found Anita, who immediately understood my situation and introduced me to a holistic approach. What impressed me the most was her ability to integrate mainstream medicine with her methods, creating a powerful combination to fight this beast.

I wholeheartedly embraced Anita's recommendations and embarked on her program with enthusiasm. The use of the Ondamed machine, regular oxygen therapy, and participation in the 3-week detox program have been instrumental in stabilizing my condition.

I'm now living the same active life I had before my diagnosis and I am truly grateful for her expertise and dedication to helping me live a fulfilling life, free from fear and doubt about my future.

Gayle Sedgman