Kidney Bladder Flush – 4 Day Detox

A healthy kidney is filtering about half a cup of blood every minute and pumps the blood back to the heart.

The Kidney removes waste and extra water to make urine. Trough two thin tubes of muscle called urethras, the urine flows in to the bladder where it is stored until you go and pee it out. 

To keep you kidney happy you should drink a minimum of 200ml of water every 2 hours and you should pee about 6 times per day as a result.

Your Kidney and Bladder are the last filters in your body, also the last dumping station of waste material and can host harmful parasites.

The Kidney/Bladder flush is designed to address and eliminate harmful parasites by addressing alkaline and acidic sensitive parasite individually, we do that by adjusting the body’s pH temporarily alternating to high acidic and high alkaline.

The T2P is a blend of therapeutic tea leaves with diuretic properties to drain accumulated toxic water from your body, addressing fluid retention a common problem for many.

 A Kidney Bladder Flush is a save and effective procedure to reduce fluid retention and potentially has a highly beneficial effect on heart health by increasing kidney function.

Kidney/Bladder flush should be done on a 3-monthly repeat.

Price: $99

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