HydroMate 500ml

HydroMate 500ml

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Dr.T’s HydroMate

HydroMate is a synergistically blended plant and earth mineral concentrate, designed to re-mineralise distilled, filtered water for improved nutritional value.

Just add it to your daily drinking water to create your own power water.

  • Improve alkalinity and nutritional value of all filtered/distilled water;
  • Improves hydration and electrolysis during exercise and sweating;
  • Alkalinize and adjusts body pH to help with muscle cramps, pain and fatigue;
  • Supports self-detoxification, weight and stress control;
  • Helps with physical and mental performance, increased energy;
  • Reduce cravings for sweets, coffee and artificial energy boosting drinks;

FREE of sugar, caffeine, artificial preservatives and colouring agents;

Suitable for adding to cooking or add to raw foods, enhancing flavour and nutritional value.

Ingredients: Foodgrade Himalayan pink salt, mineral bicarbonates, D/Earth (DE) Magnesium Citrate, Okinawa Coral Carcium, Complete Vitamin C, Green tea extract, rosehip, organic potassium, beetroot, stevia cranberry,cherry powder, natual coconut essence. 


Instructions: Add 10ml to 1lt of filtered, distilled or bottled water.

To maintain daily hydration, drink 200ml every 2 hours.

During intense physical exercise and during long intense mental focus, sip Dr.T’s HydroMate water to replace lost or missing minerals, vitamins and trace elements.