Six Ways To Boost Your Energy And Minimize Fatigue

Tired all of the time? This may be a symptom of adulthood, but there are other ways to boost your energy levels that don’t include caffeine or naps.

“You’re not a body with an energy field - you are an energy field with a body.”

While we generally commonly believe that the human body is mostly mass and water, what we are actually made of is cells. These cells are made of molecules, which in turn are made of atoms. The particles found in an atom are wave forms of energy, which is also a molecule known as ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

ATP is a busy little fellow, as it’s job is to process, store and deliver energy to the many parts of the human body. There are 50-100 trillion cells found in our anatomy, so if you aren’t producing enough ATP naturally - you guessed it - you are going to feel tired.

Most of us tend to take the easy route or “short cut” in regards to every day hacks that can boost energy levels - think coffee or fizzy energy drinks. These measures actually “borrow” adrenaline from your body, and in the long term can encourage over reliance or an addiction to caffeine.

So what can we do to beat fatigue, and is there a solution to boosting our energy levels in the long game? While at one point or another you’re always going to feel tired - there are a few bio-hacks you can use to get your body running at its optimal speed.


Not only will you boost energy levels, but exercise will ultimately help you sleep better, improve oxygen circulation in your body, and release endorphins that reduce pain and increase pleasure. The latter in particular are also known to help combat depression and anxiety, so your overall wellbeing will lift if you get moving.


Did you know that dehydration can manifest as fatigue? Even a mild case can affect your mood, ability to think clearly and energy levels - so it’s important to ensure that your body is getting enough water, so it doesn’t default to “survival mode”. There is even a study that shows even mild dehydration can hurt your physical performance for activities longer than thirty seconds.


If your body is your main mode of transport, then the fuel you put into it determines how well it runs. Fried and fast foods, along with refined or processed grains found in white bread, pasta and white rice are known to produce a quick rise in blood sugar, followed by a drop or “low” after consumption. Aim for unrefined carbohydrates, proteins, wholegrains and vegetables instead.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers

Oxygen is transported by red blood cells throughout our body, to produce energy. The air we suppose to breathe outside should be around 21% pure oxygen but because of the ever increasing pollution it rarely is ideal, mode than 15% is more likely the norm today - compared to a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, which is concentrated air with added 100% oxygen from a generator. This treatment is popular with patients who need more energy, suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, pre/post-operation care or cancer treatment, as it enhences cellrenewal, fend off infections and boost the immune system. 

Colon Hydrotherapy

A colon that is inefficiently eliminating waste, encourages toxins that have built up over time to be reabsorbed back into your bloodstream - leading to that sluggish or tired feeling that we’ve all experienced, which generally comes from feeling “bloated”. Colon hydrotherapy gives everything a “flush”, and clears the way for improved nutrient absorption for more energy.

Energy Medicine

Although the term “energy medicine” generally speaks for itself, there are a wide range of energy medicine practices and programs that are designed to harness cellular regeneration and optimisation. There are a wide range of holistic therapies available that include light and heat therapy, massage and yoga, along with advanced, scientifically proven frequency and energy devices like Ondamned or Healy.

Boost Your Energy And Boost Your Quality Of Life 

If you’re struggling with constant fatigue, you’re ultimately sleepwalking through your time on this earth - but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Small steps to “tweak” your lifestyle can lead to some big improvements. To get started on boosting your energy levels and overall physical or mental health, it may be time to schedule a free consultation with Anita and the team at Live Young Clinic.