Ocean swimming is fun, but did you know how beneficial it is for you skin

Summer is just around the corner and on the Gold Coast, with it's pristine beaches, a trip to the beach can have you feeling and looking better than ever

We have the privilege to dip in the ocean whenever we feel like. Chances are you’re getting more out of it than just enjoyment. Sea frolicking has long been thought to have many health benefits.

Imagine, you're walking out of the doctors office with a prescription given to you to go and swim in the ocean, with details on how long, how often and under what conditions you have to be in the water.  Using seawater for medical purposes even has a name: Thalassotherapy

Ocean swimming is beneficial for your skin, it helps eczema because the sea is rich in mineral salts and can be considered an antiseptic. Saltwater, specifically from the ocean is great acne treatment. It helps take the inflammation out of your skin.

Swimming in ocean water and exposure to the salt environment are associated with reduced symptoms of hay fever, sinusitis and respiratory symptoms.

Swimming in cold water has shown to increase the body’s immunity. It activates receptors under the skin that releases hormones such as endorphins, adrenalin and cortisol. This has been linked to an increase in the release of dopamine and serotonin. 

A trip to the beach can make you feel happy and look better than ever.

But make sure to be safe and don't stay out in the sun for too long!

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