Itchy Skin? You May Need A Liver Detox

Do you suffer from itchy skin? You’re not alone. The persistent itchiness can be an exasperating and overwhelming sensation, leaving you frustrated, particularly when scratching seems to provide little relief. But there might be something you can do to help relieve the symptoms, and a liver detox may just be the answer.  

Why do you get itchy skin?


Pruritus, the medical term for itchy skin, often serves as a symptom pointing towards an underlying condition. If you find yourself constantly dealing with itchy skin, it’s likely more than just a fleeting discomfort requiring a simple scratch. There are numerous potential causes, with one prominent factor being the accumulation of bile salts in the bloodstream, a more common occurrence than you might think. This persistent itching could result from various triggers such as exposure to allergens, dry skin, adverse reactions to medications, or even be a consequence of pregnancy.

If the itch persists for more than six weeks, it is categorised as chronic pruritus. While this condition can affect individuals across the board, certain demographics face a higher risk, including those aged over 65, individuals with allergies, or those with underlying health conditions. Consider consulting a healthcare professional for a comprehensive assessment and appropriate management if you’re struggling.

What is cholestasis?

Cholestasis refers to the impairment of bile flow through the biliary system, potentially leading to complications in the liver or bile ducts. When bile fails to move through its intended pathways, it exerts adverse effects on the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and small intestine. Additionally, the improper flow of bile can result in its leakage into the bloodstream, posing a toxic threat to the body.

This condition manifests with a range of symptoms, including pain, illness, jaundice, and intense itching. Many vary in their sensitivity to bile salts, with reactions spanning from mild to severe.

You need a liver detox

The liver acts as a filter, removing harmful toxins and waste from the bloodstream. It converts these substances into less harmful forms, which are then expelled from the body through urine or faeces. This process protects us from the damaging effects of environmental toxins, alcohol, drugs, and other harmful agents. A regular liver flush provides numerous benefits for overall liver well-being and optimal functioning. It aids in the elimination of accumulated toxins, promotes better digestion, supports hormonal balance, and enhances nutrient absorption. Additionally, liver flushing contributes to weight loss, boosts energy levels, and assists the liver in its detoxification processes. Doing a liver detox will not only help you with your itchy skin but also help with any other issues your body might be experiencing.

If you’re struggling with itchy skin that’s starting to make you feel anxious and overwhelmed, you might need a liver detox. Find out more about our liver detox here. 

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