Are you gut smart?

Why we need to do regular body detoxification and become gut smarter.

We are not victims of our biological inheritance! New research in to Epigenetic is giving us a new marvellous understanding of biological development.

When your doctor is sending you home saying everything is fine, there is nothing wrong with you, but you still have that pain, or the depression or no energy. What now, what is the next step, maybe it’s time for you to look into your microbiome and become gut-smart.

The new understanding of how import the microbiome is, the bacterial balance in the digestive system, “Your Gut” and the gut brain connection is now been talked about and awareness is getting strong. Get your gut right and your health improves.


Great to know but how to fix it?

Natural body detoxification becomes a necessity

Our exposure to toxins is higher now than at any point of time in human history. Many aspects in our lives contribute to our toxic burden without our awareness. Toxins damage cells, disrupt our endocrine system and impair our body’s ability to heal itself and absorb nutrients.

The state of our health is steadily compromised because we are not receiving our daily intake of nutrients. This is due to a variety of different factors such as, eating  “empty” supermarket foods, mass produced GMO fruits and vegetables, contaminated and over-fluoridated tap water, excessive drinking of soft drinks and alcohol, abuse of antibiotics, perfumes and medication for even the smallest ill feeling and then our biggest enemy – a highly stressful lifestyle.

The result if we don’t support our body with regular guided detoxification, the body will start a slow degeneration and we will end up with Parkinson, Alzheimer, Dementia etc. Worldwide, at least 44 million people are living with dementia, making the disease a global crisis.

Natural body detoxification not only has to be addressed to our physical body but also to our mental dimension on a regular base with the guidance of an experienced Health Coach, with no tricks, no short cuts and no negotiable. With the goal in mind to become the super hero person of yourself.

Never in human history we have been able to access so much information about health and wellbeing but studies tell us it’s not helping us because we are not getting healthier!

The media is sending out many wrong messages and we are experiencing confusion about what’s healthy, what works and what’s not good for us with the result that we are confused on where to start if we want to go on the path of good health and happy feelings. You can’t do it alone, you will reach your health goal with specific guidance and it will work in an easier fashion.

Benefits of a successful body detoxification:

  • Weight loss- your liver will metabolise fat better. The colonics will get rid of some extra toxic waste and reduce Candida (yeast) in your colon that is making you crave sugary food, making you feel foggy in your head and tired. The Ondamed will help to control sugar/alcohol cravings. We use specific frequencies to address Candida Albicans.
  • Look good –  your skin will look brighter and healthier. Colonics help to clear up blemished skin and brings out the colour of your eyes. Beauty reflects from inside out. Using specific frequencies with ONDAMED may help also to slow down ageing. Glowing Skin Starts In Your Gut.
  • Feel happy - Although serotonin is well known as a brain neurotransmitter, it is also known as the happy hormone and it's estimated that 90 percent of the body's serotonin is made in the digestive tract. Get that zest for life back with a clean body and mind. With Ondamed we are using specific frequencies that align your mental health and brain balance.
  • More energy- reducing the toxic build up in your liver and digestive system will boost your energy because the nutrients are making it back in to the bloodstream better. Free flowing bile will metabolise and break down fat efficiently, help you loose weight and making you feel better because not only will you have all your nutrients – but also all of your energy back! 

 New understanding and the new technology available to us enables us now to take a much more realistic approach to naturally support our body to heal and perform optimal. We can take a lot of guesswork out and it’s giving us the needed information to start healing the gut.

We need to become Gut Smarter

New research suggests that the type of bacteria you have in your gut has an affect, if you put on weight or if you stay slime, if you have a happy balanced mind or if your mind resembles a roller coaster ride of feeling moody, depressed and miserable.

How can some people eat chocolate and ice cream and not put on weight while others do the same and the scale moves up to more and more kg’s? Is it all genetic, is it the environment?

With the new research coming out today it becomes more and more clear that the gut bacteria makes a huge difference. Considering that we have approximately 2kg or 30 trillion bacteria in our gut ! From a poo sample they can now tell your specific mix of bacteria that you carry in your gut and the poo analysis will also see what shouldn’t be in your gut.  

We can now change the approach of getting on to the highway of good health by taking a turn and start from the gut up. People specific, effective for better and longer lasting results.