Parasite Flush – 25 Day Program

Since parasites are so prevalent, it seems everyone can benefit from a regular parasite cleanse.

We get parasites from food, water, and contact with pets and the environment. We can be host to several hundred different types of parasites ranging from microscopic amoebas to tapeworms that can grow to be several feet long and not to forget to number one, Candida

Aalbicans, a major contributor to human health crisis.

Most of the time we do not notice parasites, however as populations of parasites gradually increase, we start having issues like allergies, congestion, restlessness, sleeplessness and poor digestion that we accept as our normal health condition.

Parasites have a specific life cycle and we have to not only eliminate the parasite it self but also the eggs. The Dr. T’s Parasite cleanse is structured in a way to address both, the parasites and the eggs in a systematic and effective way.

Parasite flush should  be done on a 3-monthly repeat and also after an overseas trip.

Price: $110

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